Long-Term Player Development

While knowing the path to reach any destination is critical, so too is understanding what the important factors needed to be achieved at each stage of development in order to get to your destination. In golf, as with every sport, the path of an athlete along the stages in their development leaves a measure of progression that can be studied.

As a follow up to the original guide launched in 2006, Golf Canada in partnership with the PGA of Canada, are pleased to present: Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) Guide–version 2.0. This marks the second iteration of the important blueprint which provides research, statistics and insight into Canada’s player development pathway. Included are findings and adjustments that have evolved within the sport of golf since the last version of the LTPD Guide was launched. LTPD is an extension of our goal to place Canada among the top golfing nations in the world.

Regardless of the sport, depth of participants is critical to high performance success. More participants in every development stage of a sport’s pipeline can have a direct correlation to results among those competitors whose trajectory hits the pinnacle of the sport. In developing LTPD, we have incorporated best practices and the latest scientific research from within our sport, both in Canada and worldwide. We have also sought the expertise from other successful sports where transfer of knowledge was relevant and insightful.

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