Junior Leagues

One way to keep up with a regular level of play among peers is to join a summer golf league. Much like other organized sports, a junior league brings the entire group together for a day of golf with and against peers in your age group.

PGA Junior League Golf

Consider PGA Junior League Golf, the newest addition to Future Links programming. The program is delivered through a low-stress, two-player scramble format accommodating juniors of all skill levels. Each event consists of a 9-hole match that is divided into three segments, allowing PGA of Canada professionals to ‘substitute’ players throughout from their team of 10-12 juniors.

PGA Junior League Golf delivered by Future Links is available in Canada at pgajrleaguegolf.ca. PGA of Canada professionals can utilize the website by registering a team for juniors to join. Following registration, teams are equipped with matching jerseys to be worn in scheduled events against neighbouring teams of all skill levels.

Also, many public and private clubs may run their own unique junior leagues. It wouldn’t hurt to call any local clubs in the area that you know of!