Stay Positive

Age appropriate coaching is critical in developing that love for the game. So they not only fall in love with the game, but also with their improvement – feeling competent, hitting beautiful shots and making pars and birdies or even in some cases bogeys and doubles, whatever works for them. The coach needs to make it fun. It’s critical to make sessions with a coach, whether individual or group, an exciting and positive experience. You can have contests and give away a Coke, a sleeve of golf balls or a hat… - Simon Jones, Head Pro, Banff Spring GC


Start Simple

Try starting them off by taking away the highly technical aspects of the game. Allow them to go on the course with skills they already possess. On the green, I love to get them down on their stomachs with a tennis ball and a backwards golf club acting as a pool cue… - Jason Glass, Strength and Conditioning expert


Get creative

We follow the  Future Links program and along with their skills challenges we add our own using some creativity – hitting over rubbish bins, milk crates, den caddies, laundry bins, you name it. We try and use as many different objects to hit to or over or under. We have found this approach to be fun and memorable. People can’t remember the chipping lesson they just had but they will remember the night they hit it over the laundry bin… – Derek Ingram, Head Coach, Men’s National Team   Full article was featured in the September 2012 edition of the Golf Canada magazine and can be viewed here

For more information

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