Golf in Schools

Golf in Schools logoThink that golf can only be played in the summer? Wrong! With the help of Golf Canada, students all across Canada continue to be introduced to the game of golf through their school’s Physical Education program. Each registered school is provided with an indoor, safety-approved set of equipment given to each school that comes in an easy-to-store carry bag.

The initial element of the program is focused on assisting Canadian school teachers (specialists and non-specialists) with and without a background in golf, to plan and deliver quality learning experiences using golf as the vehicle. Developed by the Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) in partnership with Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada, the learning resource was designed to meet the learning outcomes of school curriculums across Canada.

Life Skills

The Golf in Schools program now includes a Life Skills component in each lesson, which have been carefully selected for their relevance in the sport of golf. Below is the framework that is delivered throughout the Elementary, Intermediate and High School curriculums.

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Long-Term Player Development

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In golf, as with every sport, the path of an athlete along the stages in their development leaves a measure of progression that can be studied.

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When should kids specialize in golf?

Dr. Istvan Balyi, Canadian Sport for Life/Au Canada, le sport c'est la vie


If you want your child to become a professional golfer, figure skater, or other high performance athlete, when should they specialize in that one sport?

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